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Boston Planning & Development Agency and Department of Neighborhood Development

Income Restricted Resales Information Page


I am Boston's Number #1 resale agent for BPDA (formerly BRA) and DND properties, and have the track record to prove it. 

Are you thinking of selling your income restricted condo? Please read below.


Resale Of An Income Restricted DND Or BPDA Condo

You are allowed to resell your BPDA or DND condo for 5% compounded on each year that you have lived in the home plus an extra 1% for certain home improvements. You also can add 4%-6% for a broker fee on top of your maximum sale price.  

Please contact me if you are thinking about selling or if have any questions regarding your Boston Planning & Development Agency (formerly Boston Redevelopment Authority or Department of Neighborhood) income restricted condo. I am happy to talk to you about the resale process and any questions you may have.